Elevate: Uplifting Community Art

When we first set out to create Elevate, we were on a mission to uplift and beautify our community. And now, the amazing support and positive response from our community has made that vision a reality.  

In early 2018, we opened art submissions to the Lincoln community and received hundreds of designs in a few short weeks. The Spreetail Communities team and a panel of community leaders sifted through each submission one by one. We were amazed by the creativity, the stories behind the pieces, and the artists themselves. The works of art we saw took the form of everything from photography, quilts, and crayons, to canvas and digital creations. The artists themselves came from backgrounds that were just as diverse, and we were able see our community through the eyes of middle schoolers, retirees, and everyone in between. Narrowing down and picking our finalists was next to impossible.  

Many hours, votes, and meetings later, we arrived at 13 final submissions. We loved the stories behind each piece as much as the creations themselves, and that’s why we’re sharing them with the world. So, go ahead and take a look! Clicking on a design will bring up the story and artist behind the piece. Our hope is for you to fall in love with each as much as we did.

The finalists


Aileen Wiles

Carson Gose

Brian Rezac

Brian Zaro / Olivia Vogel

Saber Blazek


Zack Post

Taylor Rose Riecken

Abbey Bettinger


Hannah Jelden

Sarah Wanek

Shelly Burge

Jeff Hebenstreit

Helen Buck Donlan


Our Thanks 

Our first “thank you” goes out to our community partner and eager-to-volunteer friends at Pixel Bakery. From the second they heard about this project, they told us they wanted to help make it come to life. They participated in the submission and selection process, happily helped with the massive task of digitally prepping the pieces for printing, and also designed limited-edition posters for our reveal event. Through it all, they gave their time and talents, and their patience and can-do attitudes never faded. Pixel Bakery has been a truly invaluable partner in bringing this project to life.  

We would also like to thank the owner of the grain elevator building, Jeff Becker. Without his support, we wouldn’t have such a grand canvas to display these beautiful pieces. Jeff has been eager and excited about this project since the beginning, so we’d like to thank him for his ongoing encouragement and assistance. 

To all the artists who worked hard to submit their beautiful works, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We would have displayed them all if we could have. Your talent, your artwork, and the stories you told moved us beyond measure. We appreciate you taking the time to create and share your story, and hope you never stop creating.

Our last, and biggest, “thank you” goes to you and all the wonderful people who care about uplifting and beautifying our community. Thank you for being curious, for engaging, and for caring. We couldn’t have done it without you.


The artwork was installed in September 2018 and will remain on display for up to 4 years.  

The big ‘ol grain elevator on the south side of Salt Creek Roadway: 

Eastern Nebraska Grain LLC  
2400 Fair Street  
Lincoln, NE 68503

Because beautification, positive inspiration, and celebration of our wonderful community are things worth doing in a BIG way!  

The completed project

Thank you!
— Spreetail